Easy and quick focaccia, perfect to feed a crowd.
  1. Melt yeast into part of lukewarm milk, set aside. In a bowl mix flour, eggs, oil, salt and sugar. Add milk with yeast, mix again then add the rest of the milk until you have a cake batter- like mix.
  2. Pour the mix into a baking tin covered with baking paper, let it rise covered for about two hours then bake at 350°F for 35- 40 minutes until gold and well baked.
  3. Let it cool completely before cutting and stuffing.
Recipe Notes

If you want you can stuff this focaccia before baking it. Just pour half the mix in the tin, cover with stuffing then pour the second half of the mixture.

I recommend dry stuffing to avoid soaking the dough, for instance ham and cold cuts, cheeses, not soggy sautee vegetables.

If you add two more spoonful of sugar the focaccia will turn to sweet and you can stuff it with chocolate cream, jam and more.