White chocolate and coffee mousse.
  • 8,8oz fresh ricotta cheeseunsalted and sifted as sometimes abroad ricotta isn’t exactly the same as in Italy
  • 3,5oz white chocolate
  • icing sugar if needed
  • 1/4cup cold espresso
  • 3/4 biscuits or graham crackers
  1. Melt the chocolate bain marie or using a microwave, be careful as white chocolate needs a low heat, max 96°F or it spoils.
  2. Beat ricotta cheese with a mixer adding melted chocolate little by little.
  3. Beat untill you have a smooth cream, no lumps; taste, it may need some extra icing sugar to reach the sweetness you like.
  4. If so beat again while adding sugar.
  5. Soak biscuits into cold espresso for a second, put them at the bottom of an espresso cup.
  6. Do it with all the cups.
  7. Put ricotta cream into a sac-a-poche and fill the cups.
Recipe Notes

Keep them refrigerated, decor with dutch cocoa and/ or chocolate coated coffee beans.